Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy understands the importance of the privacy of all users and visitors. Because of this matter, we want to assure these people the right protection in case we gather and use information from them upon visiting us. This privacy policy assures these people to learn our exact intention on why we collect and use their available information. However, they have the responsibility to understand this existing policy in case they made a decision to continue using our website. Otherwise, they can discontinue their access and stop viewing our content.

Importance of Gathered the Information

As a dependable online site for reverse lookup search, we collect the necessary information from people who visit us and use an offered service. When talking about the gathered information, these include the name, address, valid email, gender, marital status and citizenship. If ever a user refuses to submit the personal information we require, this person has the prerogative but must follow our existing guidelines. When we use the gathered information, our intention is to improve our service when completing all the requests and in securing all the information correctly.

Evaluation and Use of Cookies

(Website) needs to evaluate and use the cookies to help us verify the information about our users and visiting individuals who are active in our site. We check the browser, current IP address and operating system (OS) to complete the process effectively. This legitimate procedure can help us determine the number of people who use and visit our website. Regarding the cookies or web beacons come from the European Union (EU), we monitor them properly based on the existing EU cooking policy or guideline.